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Group Empowerment Therapy for Fitness is a 360 degree approach that utilizes proven psychological motivational techniques along with understanding the importance of diet and exercise. It is an ultimate sustainable solution for weight loss.


Empowers you with the power to take care of yourself.

Group discussions, sharing, support and motivation help to keep the participants in achieving weight loss.

Formation of the peer group, sense of fellowship, and responsibility.


We never say no to anything you like! We only help you to choose?

We put you through a monitored and customized exercise routine to burn your calories.

We help you enjoy and embrace your food and exercise pattern as part of your living


We educate you about your own body’s metabolism.

We enrich you with the knowledge about the risks of being overweight and the benefits of losing weight.

We educate on men’s and women’s health, managing body aches, stress and time management.


We teach you eating, exercise, and other activities.

We help you overcome your mind barriers, mental blocks, aversions, cravings and denials.

We create an emotional support system for you and motivate you to sustain weight loss.

Program Highlights

Group therapy led by doctors

iOS + Android free apps

Free practical manual

One year guidance

No prescription or products

Twelve weeks program

How it Works

12 Weeks

3 hours weekly
group therapy (at centre)

Daily physical
activity (at home)

Daily 1 hour activity

Limited participants

Track your
goals on time