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The Health Benefits of eating Fresh Food

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GETfit360 Team
December 31, 2021
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Fresh food is a necessity for maintaining a healthy body. It may seem like a task to prepare your meals from scratch from when you think about it, just three days of fresh food can improve your health, detox your body and also, lift your mood.

Savour Fresh, Balance your Hormones

Reawakening your taste buds is possible. You can awaken them in as little as two weeks by eliminating processed foods and eating fresh, flavourful food simply seasoned. Nutrition and food politics aside, their good flavour alone should be enough to make fresh food the obvious choice. Families who gave up canned foods and food and beverages prepared and packaged using plastic containers saw their levels of a hormone-disrupting chemical fall.

Spice Up Your Plate With Seasonal Varieties

To bring variety to the kind of food you eat, you can choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. These will help increase the variety of foods you consume and also keep your plate interesting. Share a few recipes between friends, and you just might rediscover a vegetable that you got bored of eating.

Advantage Fresh Food

There are many advantages of fresh food over packaged food, such as

  • Cheaper (especially when you shop at farmers' markets)
  • Healthier (packaged food is often processed, which implies a decline in nutrients compared to fresh equivalents and often involves the addition of unhealthy fats, sugars and starch, excess salt, preservatives, flavouring, fillers, etc.),
  • Environment-friendlier, both through the production and the disposal of packaging (all the waste you generate when preparing fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, or meat is biodegradable), and
  • Tastier (the flavour of fresh is always better than canned or packaged food)

Feel Connected, With Fresh Food

Fresh food connects us to each other when we share and serve it to each other. It connects us to the community when we buy fresh food from local markets and farmers. It connects us to the earth and reminds us of our connection to the animal planet, and brings harmony to our lives.

A consistent diet that includes fresh foods will provide a person with more energy, both physically and emotionally, and a healthier lifestyle overall. So the next time a new recipe or meal idea comes along, remember what’s more important: foods that will last or lasting nutrition. Get in touch with a nutrition expert at a reputable wellness centre for nutrition information and how best to include fresh food in your diet.

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