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Group Empowerment Therapy for Fitness is a 360 degree approach that utilizes proven psychological motivational techniques along with understanding the importance of diet and exercise. It is an ultimate sustainable solution for weight loss.

4 Pillars of our Program

Group Empowerment

  • Empowers you with the power to take care of yourself.
  • Group discussions, sharing, support and motivation help to keep the participants in achieving weight loss.
  • Formation of the peer group, sense of fellowship, and responsibility.

Diet and Exercise

  • We never say no to anything you like! We only help you to choose?
  • We put you through a monitored and customized exercise routine to burn your calories.
  • We help you enjoy and embrace your food and exercise pattern as part of your living


  • We educate you about your own body’s metabolism.
  • We enrich you with the knowledge about the risks of being overweight and the benefits of losing weight.
  • We educate on men’s and women’s health, managing body aches, stress and time management.

Psychosocial Intervention

  • We teach you eating, exercise, and other activities.
  • We help you overcome your mind barriers, mental blocks, aversions, cravings and denials.
  • We create an emotional support system for you and motivate you to sustain weight loss.
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Program Highlights

Group therapy led by doctors
iOS + Android free apps
Free practical manual
One year guidance
No prescription or products
Twelve weeks program

Online Weight Loss Program-The Features

At GET Fit 360, our online weight loss program is based on thorough scientific research and evidence-based solutions. Our programs are designed by Doctors, Psychologists, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainers and others in the field of Obesity to ensure they suit your specific fitness needs

Holistic weight loss approach

Traditional measures to induce weight loss by understanding your body and hunger patterns. We do not offer any "quick ways" and low-calorie fad diets that may be harmful to your body.

Minimal pain & discomfort

Exercise can be painful when you are over weight. We teach you fun activities to train you during our workouts sessions so that your body moves in the right way, rather than causing pain and discomfort.

Behavioural treatment

Lifestyle counselling to guide you to adopt and stick to healthier eating habits and physical activities for the rest of your life. You also learn how to maintain health, activity, and food records.

Tailored to personal goals

Customised nutritional guide with activity counters, online journals, tips, and useful information to adopt and maintain a consistent health-conscious approach to life.

Follow up and Feedback

Consistent feedback and guidance via texts, emails, or phone regarding your progress, pitfalls, and targets. We have coordinators and counsellors to monitor your progress during every session online.

No harmful prescriptions

Strict adherence to safety measures and practices that promote weight loss without any harmful side effects. We do not prescribe or encourage dangerous supplements, pills, fat burners, pre-workout drinks or surgical procedures.

Say yes to a Healthier Lifestyle

Lose weight the healthy way and stay fit for life! Discuss your weight loss requirements and struggles with our experts.
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Perks of Our Online Weight Loss Program

GET Fit 360 provides the best online fitness classes to achieve fitness goals, no matter how tough they are. Its undeniable benefits explain why it's the most preferred weight loss program.
  • Provides physical and mental health benefits to promote holistic well-being for life.
  • Allows you to choose your personal trainer and nutritionist based on your comfort
  • Imparts guided workouts with trainers to increase your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Keeps you motivated and supported by our team of Psychologist and Life Coach with tailored programs.
  • Promotes only holistic weight loss practices that guarantee zero side effects, pain and harm – No products
  • Offers various wellness categories, including stress management, mindful eating, adaptive workouts, nutrition, and more.

How it Works

image of a calendar depicting 12 weeks online program of Get Fit 360
12 Weeks Program (Online)
Exercise, Education and Empowerment
Image of an alarm clock to depict the 2 week live online meeting offered by Get Fit 360
2 Hour a Week LIVE Online meeting
Group Empowerment Therapy session
Image of a mobile to depict the online physical activity offered by Get Fit 360
3 Days a Week Physical Activity (1 hour Online)
Exercise, Zumba, Yoga and fun activities
Image of a clock depicting the 7 hours a week of talks by Get Fit 360
7 hours a week of Talks and Education (Online)
Doctors, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Fitness persons
Image of a doctor consulting a patient
6 Free Consultations (In-Person or Online)
Doctor, Psychologist, Nutritionist
Image of a dart bulls eye
Track your goals on time
Daily feedback and follow up
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