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Group Fitness Classes- A Mental Health Booster

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GETfit360 Team
February 15, 2022
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Are You Physically Fit?

All of us are well aware of the fact that group fitness classes can help improve your physical fitness. But did you know that it can greatly impact your mental health too?

" Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much"- Helen Keller.

This is exactly why you should seriously consider joining any of the best fitness classes in Chennai. Recent studies have also proven that people who took part in group exercises felt less stressed than others. They could gain more mental and emotional benefits than those who were engaged in solo fitness activities or people who were never involved in any fitness activity. Wonder why group activities are such a great mental booster? Let us delve into the details right here!

Why is it Better to Workout as a Group Than by Yourself?

A group activity is teamwork. And, teamwork is always:

Together Everyone Achieves More

Now, without wasting even a second, let us go straight to the benefits:

Gifts You Fitness Buddies

When you start working out together as a group, you quickly start making friends with others in the same room. You all share one common aim- fitness! That itself is a great icebreaker. You develop positive friendships as you all together work out hard and encourage each other. You won't feel like missing a session as you will start enjoying working out together, cheering each other and sweating out to gain fitness. You will also stay motivated as the competitive instincts kick in. You can even stay connected through social media platforms and remind each other about an upcoming workout session.

Kicks Away Mental Stress

One of the great benefits of group fitness classes is that it helps reduce mental stress. The levels of stress, especially in today's fast-paced world, is uncontrollably high as we all have too much on our plate. One of the major causes of high stress levels will be work-related stress. Engaging in a group workout session will help you take some time out, relax, and clear your mind.

Adds the Much-Needed Fun Element

What's life without some fun and frolic? And, let's be honest! Going to the gym by yourself and working out on your own is not fun. Your workout schedule starts getting boring, and you start losing the initial interest you had. But, group fitness classes add a much-needed fun element to your daily exercise schedule. Working out together, indulging in healthy competitions, laughing and pulling each other's legs makes working out fun and interesting. The buzzy atmosphere, the positive energy of your fellow fitness buddies, and the blaring music make the workout a fun activity and not just another day of boring workouts.

Improves Your Confidence Levels

Group fitness activities can help to boost your confidence levels and improve your self-esteem. When you exercise together as a group and complete the workouts along with others, you start to feel a sense of accomplishment. Over time, as you observe that you are getting fitter and smarter, your confidence levels will also go up. For example, you might start your strength workouts with light weights, but over time, you will observe that you can handle more weights easily than before. You will realise and understand how far you have reached when comparing yourself with others. This again helps to improve your confidence levels. In short, you will start loving yourself more!

Makes You Committed

When you work out together with a group, it automatically makes you more consistent. You wouldn't want the workout to get cancelled because none of you showed up on time. Also, it wouldn't be nice if that day's workout session was delayed just because you showed up late. Automatically, you start getting more committed and consistent. When you are working out together as a part of a group, you become more accountable for your actions. Also, you will always have fitness buddies to push you a bit in case you feel lazy on one random day.

Enrol in a Group Fitness Class Today

Years back, in 2017, a group of 69 medical students took part in a study published by The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. It focused mainly on the effects of group exercises on the quality of life and stress levels of the participants. The participants were asked to take part in exercises as a group or alone. It was observed that participants who took part in group workout sessions recorded a significant decrease in their stress levels. They also recorded a notable increase in mental, emotional, and physical quality of life compared to participants who worked out alone.

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