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Tandem Workouts, Twice the Benefits

A group of men and women exercising in tandem
GETfit360 Team
January 9, 2022
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Research shows that 80 percent of people believe they're more likely to fit in workouts and stick to their routines if they partner up. Even better, a study from the University of Pittsburgh reports that women who exercised with a pal lost a third more weight than those who hit the gym solo. Training in tandem ups your accountability and intensity.

Workout Partners - to enthuse, support, and assist

You are less likely to skip out on workouts, and you're more likely to tackle intimidating moves and tough out those last few reps that you might have let slide if you were on your own. Friends who exercise together were shown to train for longer, burn more calories, and visit the gym more regularly. In fact, the study found that during an average exercise session, women who exercised with friends burnt up to 236 calories per session, compared to 195 for women who prefer to go it alone. It may only be 41 calories, but those extra calories over the course of a year can certainly add up.

If you have a regular plan to work out at lunch or after work, you're more likely to turn up if you have a friend relying on you for company. If you're exercising with another person, you can use each other to keep an eye on your exercise form whilst giving any assistance your partner might need during the session. Handing over dumbbells or a barbell for each move can save a lot of time and effort. You may even find the confidence to try a new or more interesting exercise.

Be Adventurous, With Your Partner in Working Out

What is more fun than trying new things with someone else? Plan a lunch date with your buddy and order some of the latest, healthy dishes the menu has to offer. The two of you can revel, detest and make funny faces sampling these new foods! If you were ever hesitant about trying a new exercise or fitness class, having a friend with you can certainly ease that paranoia and worry. Looking for a few new workouts to add to your routine? Try one of these fat-blasting, fun workouts!

A partner in fitness can make the challenge of weight loss and healthy living more manageable and certainly much more fun. Make sure you choose someone with similar goals to help keep you on track and help you through all of the weight loss' little bumps in the road. Alternatively, you can join a prominent wellness centre where the experts themselves become your workout partners, or they let you be a part of a group with similar health goals

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