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Buddy Up to Stay on Track and Stay Healthy

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December 29, 2021
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Buddying up is a useful way to stay motivated when you are staring out a new diet and exercise programme. It will help in more ways than one by helping you build camaraderie and keeping you encouraged and helping to pass the time better. When you're embarking on a weight-loss program, getting the right support is key to success.

There might be many self-motivated people who manage to get back on track even when they are not following a diet and exercise regime for a few days. But in many cases it doesn’t work that way. Most people once they fall off the band wagon of healthy eating and exercise, very rarely get back. So it always helps to have a buddy or a group of people who can keep you motivated and help you when you have gone off.

How A Buddy Can Help You Stay Healthy

Here are a few things that a group can help you with

  • A group is good to go out with for dinners or lunches. They will help make good choices and also prevent you from over eating
  • If you need motivation to get up in the morning to hit the gym or for that morning run, then you will have company
  • Many overweight people tend to be emotional eaters. If you an emotional eater then next time call your buddy and don’t head to the kitchen.
  • They might even cheat a bit with you like indulging in the occasional ice cream. But they will also push you to get your fitness act back together.
  • Taking the time and trouble to carefully set up mutually-agreed workout guidelines offers a much greater chance of success for both of you.

How To Find A Buddy For Health

There are many ways in which you find a buddy or partner to help with your fitness goals. You can either buddy up with your best friend or spouse, or find a group weight loss programme. Even joining a gym with a personal trainer can be very motivating as they will ensure that you do the right exercises and ensure that you stay on track. Working with a qualified nutritionist for your diet will also be very helpful as they help you keep a track of everything that you eat.

To ensure a good match, gauge whether your companion’s commitment level meets your own and whether your schedule and fitness interests both coincide. So even if you want to have a cheat meal or be pushed back on track, having a buddy do it with you has greater chances of success. GET Fitness works on this philosophy and will get your buddy for health.

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