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How Can Outdoor Exercise Benefits Health And Well-being?

The pandemic's impact is never going to cease soon. Besides devastating humanity with the worst health and financial conditions, its impacts show significant consequences on health, fitness, and lifestyle. Long working hours, inadequate physical activity, and unhealthy food consumption have all contributed to many health issues. It comes as no surprise that COVID is synonymous with chronic stress and a host of other physical health problems.

Recent studies have demonstrated that a decrease in physical activity and irregular eating habits can affect young people's long-term health. This realisation has led to a sporadic rise in online fitness programmes and other wellness initiatives in recent times. However, no amount of online fitness initiatives can replace the efficiency of outdoor exercise.

This article aims to examine a few of the health benefits of outdoor exercise and stress their importance.

Seven Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise On Long Term Health

Reduces blood pressure and stress

Studies have shown that outdoor exercises help boost mood, control blood pressure and reduce stress. Any outdoor activity, such as jogging or mowing the lawn, can improve your overall well-being. Although online fitness programmes can help initiate a workout regime, going outside makes the exercises more beneficial. Outdoors keep you less stressed and uplifts your mood.

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Boosts the Vitamin D consumption

It is always a good idea to spend some quality time outside to enjoy the warm benefits of sunlight. The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D that can benefit your health in numerous ways. A daily dose of Vitamin D can strengthen your immunity and also aids in better sleep. The Vitamin is also known for its incredible ability to keep depression and weight gain in check.

Improves social wellness

Boosting your social well-being is essential for achieving holistic health. Exercising outdoors with friends and family can be a ton of fun. Working out with a buddy can not only be an enjoyable experience, but you will also be motivated to make exercise a habit. This socialising, in return, can benefit your social wellness by helping you stay connected with people.

Regulates stress & boosts immune system

Getting dirty has always been associated with boosting the immune system, but its amazing benefits in regulating stress is a great discovery. There is evidence that Mycobacterium vaccae, a type of bacteria that lives on dirt, improves your body's ability to handle stress. By stimulating the nervous system, these bacteria release Serotonin, the hormone that helps control anxiety and the immune response. This research is a breakthrough that has been keeping people motivated to go outside and exercise.

Getting out of the monotonous indoor exercise routine

A gym routine or an online fitness program is a great way to stay on top of your fitness. Over time, it can become tiresome, especially when you do not have anything specific to keep you entertained indoors. Boredom can eventually reduce your interest in indoor training.

When exercising outdoors, you are less likely to become bored. Most of the workouts in a gym can be done outdoors. Doing exercises outdoors might be a good way to stay consistent with your routine.

Improves mental health

Outdoor exercise not only boosts your physical health but has a few incredible benefits on mental health. In a 2018 study, it was demonstrated that outdoor exercise can decrease stress and ward off depression, which contributes to good mental health. When you sweat out in the open air, you tend to be less stressed. Improved mental health can be attributed primarily to increased blood flow to the brain.

Helps improve the sleep pattern

Exercise can stimulate the Circadian rhythm and help you sleep better. You will be more energetic the following day if you sleep well the night before. However, you need to be careful not to exercise too much when you are nearing your bed time.

Individuals often neglect outdoor exercises in favour of indoor ones due to convenience, even though outdoor exercises are much more effective. You should take advantage of outdoor exercises, when you can do so.

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