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Binge Eating and How to Fight It

GETfit360 Team
September 15, 2021
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Do you repeatedly engage in eating episodes where you consume a large amount of food in a short period of time? Do you feel like you are unable to stop yourself from eating? Do you experience feelings of guilt and shame? Do you eat large amounts of food or restricted foods when you are stressed, angry or bored? Then you probably suffer from what is known as binge eating disorder.

Binge eating is a disorder characterized by the compulsion to eat a large amount of food at any one sitting often when a person is not hungry and eating past the point of being full. Binges are mostly planned and involve buying ‘special foods. Binge eating often follows a period of starvation or being very strict with food. Commonly, and very wrongly, assumed to be the act of a greedy person, binge eating is driven by deep-rooted psychological issues. A sense of disgust and greed often accompany a binge and low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety all perpetuate the vicious cycle.

It is a proven fact that when a person starves themselves and has an unattainably strict diet, over-eating and binge eating can occur whichPicture of a lady in yellow shirt and spectacles enjoying large quantities of sugary food placed on the table with her eyes closed can lead to feelings of disgust, greed, and being a failure. In today’s society, there is an added pressure to look a certain way and strive to be a certain clothes size, and the process of eating little, cutting out food groups, denying food, all can contribute to a binge episode.

There are several physicals, psychological and behavioral changes that you will notice if you are a binge eater. You will constantly feel bloated and tired. You might also develop food intolerances and might not be able to sleep well. You will find yourself constantly in a state of shame over your body weight and you might also find yourself constantly trying new ways to become healthy. You might suffer from low self-esteem and have increased feelings of anxiety, guilt, and sadness. You might be more irritable and could also become highly sensitive towards comments regarding your body weight. You might start to eat secretively, evade questions about your health, and also in extreme cases induce self-harm or attempt suicide.

At GET Fit 360, we put you in touch with professional counsellors and nutritionists to wean you away from binge eating. Our online weight loss program has the right strategies to help you handle hunger cravings with customised meal plans. Get our expert help and guidance for a holistic approach to staying fit, healthy and happy for a lifetime!

It is possible to recover from the binge eating disorder, even if you have been living with the illness for many years. The path to recovery can be very challenging but it can also shed light on what contributes to binge eating, low self-esteem, and negative body image, and how to minimize relapse. Through the process of recovery, a person with BED can learn how to replace their unhealthy eating habits with more helpful coping strategies.

With the right team and a high level of personal commitment, recovery is an achievable goal. You should seek help from a professional with specialized knowledge in eating disorders.

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