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What is GET Fitness Program?

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January 5, 2022
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Bringing in a lifestyle change is part of everyone’s New Year resolution, but we rarely follow through because Life seems to get in between our plans. Busy lives and stressed work environments are causing us to put our health on the back burner, but many times it may not be because we don’t have the time but more because we don’t have the support. Losing weight is the only kind of loss that we look forward to with happiness. The first step to make a decision on getting healthy is yours but if you have friends and family who remind you of this promise and assist you in this process – it just becomes that much easier. If there was someone you could call when you are struggling to fight a craving for that delicious piece of cake or if a friend can join you for a morning walk, you would definitely look forward to losing weight. GET fitness is a special weight loss program that works towards empowering its participants through peer support and expert advice. A fit person may not understand your issues when you’re trying to lose weight, but a fellow participant who is going through the same program might be your biggest support. You can share your fears, roadblocks, and even your triumphs and inspire and learn from your peer group.

The Value Addition GET Fitness Offers You

The 12 week program focuses on bringing positive life changes that will not just create a temporary quick weight loss but build a system that you can follow every day for life. The idea is to create a constructive, empowering environment that will help people move away from stress eating and making exercise excuses. Small groups of people(maximum of 15) will be brought together to consult with experts on diet and exercise requirements. These groups will also be support systems to each other along with the team of experts to ensure that their weight loss programmes stay on track. The program will bring life changes that will not only benefit the participants but also their families in the long run. A Mobile App will track your calorie intake and burn. You can also compare your weight loss success with your peers.

A support system that follows you while you struggle to make new habits from life is the most efficient and effective to bring about a true lifestyle change. Get in touch with Get Fit 360 to know more about GET Fitness and to choose a fit lifestyle.

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