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Weight Loss Mistakes - Keep In Sight To Lose Only Weight

GETfit360 Team
December 28, 2021
Weight loss efforts always start with the best intentions and get derailed, and then it is even more difficult to get back on track. All dieters inevitably make mistakes along the way—and most of the time, they don't even realize it. This might be happening to you because you are probably making common weight loss […]
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A woman in pale ping shirt, refusing table full of food with a gesture

Food Allergies and Weight Loss

GETfit360 Team
December 27, 2021
Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of the population has some form of food allergy or intolerance. You may have suspected that certain foods don’t agree with you. What you probably may have never suspected is that food intolerances can lead to inflammation which leads to weight gain or the inability to lose weight […]
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A young bearded man in pale blue tshirt and white shorts walking briskly listening to music over headset

Physical Activity and the Associated Benefits

GETfit360 Team
December 26, 2021
There are 101 excuses not to exercise, but physical activity is vital to good health and lower risk for cancer. For many people, getting started is the biggest obstacle to being more active. If you don't exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently. And your joints will […]
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Fit young man in casuals holding a slight potbelly with a worrisome look on his face

Clever Ideas To Escape Holiday Weight Gain

GETfit360 Team
December 25, 2021
Are The Kilos Sneaking Up On You During Holidays? Are you the type who goes by Melanie White's phrase, "It's the holiday season. Let the overeating begin!"? If you are, do not worry! More than half the world's population is with you! After all, isn't that what the holidays are for? To have fun, eat […]
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A smiling young asian woman in workout outfit present in the moment, with arms stretched in front of her holding weights

Mindfulness: A New Way To Refine Your Fitness Journey

GETfit360 Team
December 20, 2021
Defining Mindfulness Mindfulness- A word that is gaining prominence in the world of fitness and well-being is adapted from a Buddhist practice to suit non-religious contexts. Mindfulness is a pretty straightforward word with a complex, in-depth meaning. When you scour Google for the definition of mindfulness, you will come up with various versions. Essentially, mindfulness […]
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Get Fit Poster depicting that the closeup of a person hand doing yoga, and there are many people doing yoga in the blurry background

Utterly Brilliant Ideas To Stick To Your Fitness Routine

GETfit360 Team
November 20, 2021
Picture this scene: You've committed yourself to a new fitness program, and everything is hunky-dory for the first couple of months. You are up early every day and hit the gym or the park to sweat out those calories. Boy! Does this feel good! After three months: Suddenly, you can't drag yourself out of bed […]
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